Comedy Central Toolbox


  • Select the proper icon related to the show title given in the endboard
  • Download new show icons from a server through JSON and importing them in the project so they can be used instantly
  • New show icons can be uploaded to the server through a web portal
  • Batch render packaging with different tune-ins. You can fill in up to 8 different tune-ins and render them all at once while getting yourself a coffee
  • Change the naming convention of your rendered jobs in the preferences tab
  • Change the location of the tune-in to be changed so you the batch render can be used on any type of project, not only limited to the Comedy Central presets
  • On start-up, the script checks if there is an update available which can be downloaded and installed with a single click
  • A serial key system is included, to make sure the connection with the server database is secure.
  • Works on Adobe CS6 and all Adobe CC versions



This is a simple script to change the workarea in- and outPoint of multiple compositions at once. You only have to fill in the in- and outPoints in seconds and frames, select all the compositions you wish to change in your project window and click the Change Work Area button.

  • Affect multiple compositions at once
  • Works with whatever FPS your compositions are set to