Comedy Central North Brand Refresh 2014

About this project

In 2014, I've worked on creating a refresh package for the Comedy Central North region as a motion graphic designer. Together with two colleagues, we\'ve came up with the idea of evolving every element on screen out of square boxes. After a long process of discovery and trials, we came up with this package. For this I created the promo package, breakbumper package, the After Effects presets and a After Effects plugin build with Adobe Extendscript. Since the refresh has gone live in August 2014, our package has been taken over by Comedy Central Asia, Latin America and been adapated by Comedy Central UK.

Creative Team

Henry Förster - Creative Director
Nicki Dreyer - Concept
Arjen Noordeman - Concept, Graphic Design
Jorge Fröberg - Concept, Motion Graphic Design, After Effects presets, After Effects Plugin (Adobe Extendscript)
Marc-Renee Schmidt - Motion Graphic Design
Christopher Rieke - After Effects presets
Katie Rangnick - Project Manager

After Effects Presets

To make sure the promo and breakbumper package always looks as intended, I've created a preset in After Effects. The preset is build in a way that even someone with no knowledge of the software can easily render edit the necessary information and render out multiple promo/breakbumper packages. The following features are build in the preset to make sure of this:

  • Auto-scale and position of the show title so it's properly scaled no matter the length and number of lines of your show
  • Color system that allows you to easily switch through one of the 14 color options
  • Multiple creative versions are included, you only have to render out 1 of 4 different end compositions
  • Select / update show icons with the toolbox script. New icons can be pulled from the server and automatically placed in the promo preset
  • Batch render as many versions as you need with the Toolbox. This will automatically render out multiple tune-in versions at once.