Comedy Central North XMAS Channel Design 2015

About this project

In 2015, I've worked on creating a XMAS channel design for the Comedy Central North region. On this project I was involved as an Art Director and Motion Graphic Designer. I created a concept transforming the traditional channel design into a winter theme, with the center of attention being the little box being excited for christmas and decorating the channel. The message we wanted to communicate to our viewers was: we like christmas, but it\'s not really going as planned.

Creative Team

Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Nicki Dreyer - Head of Promotions
Jorge Fröberg - Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, After Effects presets
Hofkapellmeister - Sound Design
Ident #1 - Knitted sweater f*ck up

We see the CC logo shaking because of the cold. The square comes in screen and decides to give the logo a knitted sweater. So he begins to knit very fast directly on the logo, but he's kitting too fast and when the string comes to an end, the square loses control and gets dragged away. In the end, he is dangling on a string underneath the CC almost ge ing choked.

Ident #2 - Don't eat the yellow snow

The square probably had a bit too much glühwein and is looking for a place to pee outside. While he lets the golden liquid flow, he makes a CC logo in the snow. Marry f*cking christmas!

Ident #3 - Shocking XMAS

In order to celebrate christmas, the square is trying to put up christmas lights around the Comedy Central logo. In turbo speed mode, its totally over decorating the logo almost covering the whole of it. Then he tries to put in the power plug. For a second, we see a bright ash with lots of lighting, followed by a huge blast and big power outage leaving the square being electrocuted.

Ident #4 - Disappointing XMAS morning

The logo is wrapped up in wrapping paper, and the square is excited to open the present. He can’t wait for christmas and aggressively tries to open the package. This back res and the square comes into a spiral around the logo hanging on the wrapping until he smacks into the ground. He leaves the screen with bits of the logo still covered by the wrapping paper.