The Roast of Gordon

About this project

Roast of Gordon

Creative Team

Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Judith Peters - VP Marketing & Products
Madeleine Engström - Project Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Lead Designer, Motion Graphic Design
Rein Blank - 3D Motion Graphic Design
Magic Group Media - Key-Art/Photo Retouching
Johannes Maas - Key-Art/Graphic Design
Hofkapellmeister - Sound Design
Show Leader

The leader for the show package was done completely in-house. Since the show was about how completely in love Gordon is with himself, we decided to use pictures of him to introduce all the other guests as well. Giving you an overwhelming amount of Gordon in your face! We also decided to start roasting the guests in the leader already, by adding a tiny (insulting) description under each of the names.

For the leader I created the concept/styleframes as lead designer, as well as the actual animation of all the 2D elements. The 3D elements were created and animated by Rein Blank.

Logo Design