SPIKE Benelux

I was asked to be involved with the launch of the brand new channel SPIKE in the Benelux. SPIKE is a US channel that decided to expand their footprint to the Netherlands and Belgium. My job was to adapt the US Channel Design to make it fit the local markets and if needed, create additional elements in the process.

I spend some time going through the extensive styleguide, until we finally decided on the final assembly of the promo elements and on-air graphics. In the end I created all the on-air graphics, promo packaging, breakbumper packaging and art directed the print assets for the launch campaign.

Promo Package

For the base of the promo package, I adapted the US package and added elements that were missing for our region (for example the on-top graphic that displays the show title and tune-in during the promo).

Breakbumper Package

The breakbumper package was created entirely from scratch. The US design did not include a breakbumper that allowed a 5 second clip to be displayed in it. In total there are 8 color pallets where the producer can choose from to allow the channel to look as diverse as possible and the colors to match the show and/or shots being used.

Creative Team

Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Beatrice Cardile - Project Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Art Director, Motion Graphic Design
Konrad Stankiewicz - Editor
Danny Hessing - Editor