Comedy Central Extra

Client - Comedy Central
Lead Design
Motion Design

A channel for the hardcore comedy fans

Comedy Central Extra is a flanker channel in the Netherlands, which contains shows for the more experienced comedy watcher. With this rebrand, we wanted to emphasize on the great content that we have. Our philosophy: less graphics, more content! If we do need to show graphics, let's keep it clean and simple and always try to include some of our content in the shape of a GIF.


Instead of using the old logo with the Comedy Central emblem, we made a new grid existing out of three rows. The Comedy Central Extra characters would be written all out, which makes it possible to animate them back in and make a show and date pop up for example.

Promo Package

That grid led us to cleaning up the promo package, with an ultra short opener and an endboard that includes a lot of whitespace to channel the viewers attention to the messaging. In the video up here and the examples down here you can see how we used the logo is used as a base for all the messaging.


The idents for the channel all either all pure typography or contains GIF's of the content. By keeping it pure and simple, we come to the essence of this rebrand: we've got pure and raw comedy for the experenciend viewer, and we're don't have to be all fancy about it.

Creative Team

Judith Peters - VP Marketing & Products
Jorge Fröberg - Graphic & Motion Design
Camie Roos - Graphic & 3D Design
Anouk Janssen - Project Manager
Hofkapellmeister - Sound Design