Comedy Central News

Client - Comedy Central
Graphic Design
Motion Design

For the news that didn't happen, but really should have

For the German satirical news show Comedy Central News (or CCN), we created a fresh identity and show package. After one season in Germany, this package was adopted and used in the Spanisha and Italian version as well.

Logo & Grid

Since CCN is a satirical show clearly poking at their more serious counterpart CNN, the logo had to be inspired by its famous older brother. To make sure the logo was not entirely confused with another existing logo, we added the colon which also had set apart the "CC" tag.

Show Package

The show needed a complete motion package for the episodes, using the same graphical overlays as American satirical news shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Creative Team

Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Madeleine Engström - Project Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Graphic Design, Motion Design
Rein Blank - 3D Artist
Hofkapellmeister - Sound Design