Comedy Central Refresh

In 2014, I've worked on the refresh for the Comedy Central North region as a motion graphic designer. We came up with the concept of evolving every element on screen out of one or multiple square boxes. The goal was to update the brand and unify our communication through a clear and destinctive framework. Since the look and feel has gone live in August 2014, our design has been taken over by Comedy Central Asia, Latin America and been adapated by Comedy Central UK.

Promo Package

The new promo design is now bigger, fatter and more clear then ever before. We believe in simple but effective design. By not overcrowding the viewer with unnecessary information, we make sure the information we do communicate gets delivered.


In a clever way to convey the brand feel, breakbumpers are used to contain a small 5 second joke which tends to make the viewer smile next to informing them about possible new shows they really should watch.

Creative Team

Henry Förster - Creative Director
Nicki Dreyer - Concept
Arjen Noordeman - Concept, Graphic Design
Jorge Fröberg - Concept, Motion Graphic Design, After Effects presets, After Effects Plugin (Adobe Extendscript)
Marc-Renee Schmidt - Motion Graphic Design
Christopher Rieke - After Effects presets
Katie Rangnick - Project Manager