Comedy Central North XMAS Channel Design 2015

In 2015, I've worked on creating a XMAS channel design for the Comedy Central North region. On this project I was involved as an Art Director and Motion Graphic Designer. I created a concept transforming the traditional channel design into a winter theme, with the center of attention being the little box being excited for christmas and decorating the channel. The message we wanted to communicate to our viewers was: we like christmas, but it's not really going as planned.

Day to Night

Comedy Central has always been a channel that is watched mostly closer to midnight, when all you want is some light entertainment. We've noticed our white snow caused some painfull adjustment of the eyes sometimes. Therefore, we've created a night version. When the sun goes down outside, it also goes down on our channel and only our night graphics are being aired.


Creative Team

Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Nicki Dreyer - Head of Promotions
Jorge Fröberg - Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, After Effects presets
Hofkapellmeister - Sound Design