Eerste Hulp bij Tattoo Disasters

Client - Spike
Art Director

First aid for the most permanent mistakes in your life


We created a campaign and identity for the new Dutch TV show Eerste Hulp bij Tattoo Disasters. With a healthy amount of humor, our team of experts set out to fix the most permament and embarassing mistakes of peoples lives. With that in mind, we created a TVC that tells the story of a man who is rushed to the hospitals first aid in order to rescue him from his past.

Key Visual

At the time, Dennis Weening was just fired as a presenter on the show Expeditie Robinson. This created the perfect hook for our key visual, where we pretended his co-host Bella tattooed the logo of Expeditie Robinson on his back. This tells us exactly what the show is about, call Spike for your Tattoo Disasters!

Creative Team

Noesjka van der Helm - Head of Brands
Anouk Janssen - Project Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Art Director, Concept, Motion Design
Camie Roos - Graphic Design
Pim Hendriksen - Photography/Retouching
Eyeforce - TVC production
Hofkapellmeister - Sound Design