Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch 7

Client - MTV
Art Direction

The search for “true love” has never been this stormy...


The search for "true love" has never been this stormy... as the appearance of their exes evoke a hurricane of emotions!

Where at the start of the show everything is still looking bright for the candidates, this all changes as a bolt from the blue when the exes come storming back into their lives, resulting in one big tornado of love and jealousy.

The tornado metaphor is also a link to the show package where we see a sunny white beach turning into a tropical storm in the leader. Building on this metaphor creates a recognisable image for the fans of the show.

Behind the Scenes

The visual was completely shot in a studio where we filled a pool with 30.000 liters heated water. The camera was rigged above the pool, shooting the talents on 20fps as they jumped into the pool. This resulted in some very explosive and high detailed action shots.

Creative Team

Maaike Enders-Verbrugge - Marketing Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Concept
Mark Engelen - Photography & Post-production
Femke Westerhof - Project Manager