Client - Talpa
Agency - CapeRock
Lead Design

A women first channel driven by LINDA.


During my time at CapeRock, we designed a new brand identity for NET5. They wanted to re-establish themselves as the women first channel on Dutch television. And what better way to do that than to partner with one of the most impactful women brands in the Netherlands: LINDA.

A brand system that feels playful and self-confident

Brand System

The brand system allows NET5 to offer her content in a dynamic way. The design connects the program and content of NET5, and offers the viewer a pleasant viewing experience. The brand system can be used on all channels, such as: television, online, social and print. The distinctive typography gives the brand its own, playful and self-confident character.

Creative Team

Jorge Fröberg - Graphic Design & Concept
CapeRock - Graphic Design, Motion Design