South Park 18

Every year, we faced the same limitations for promoting the new season of South Park. Since every episode is made only 6 days before they air, we had no material or direction of the new season. For the 18th season, the direction of the campaign was "they are adults now". Now that the characters turned 18, there was a lot more they could do in life. Drinking, driving, voting, having sex. We created real life cut-outs of the characters and re-enacted these scenes in a total of 5 different promo's.

Creative Team

Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Nicki Dreyer - Head of Promotions
Jorge Fröberg - Motion Designer/Editor
Tirza Snip - Marketing Manager
Giovanni Dubini - Sound Design
Jitze Jaap Osinga - Director
Maarten Wolf - Camera
Bart de Braal - Managing Director
Wouter Jansen - Art Department