World Fighting League

World Fighting League is a new dutch kickbox/MMA tournament which airs their events on SPIKE. I've created the entire package of the event from scratch with only their logo to go on. In the package, we wanted to clearly incorporate the divide between the red and blue corner which is also displayed in the WFL logo.

Show Graphics

An entire set of fighting cards, countdown clocks, tournament cards etc. were created as templates for each tournament.

Studio Visuals

All the studio visuals during the LIVE event were created to convey the difference between the red and the blue corners directly to the audience.

Creative Team

Arjen Noordeman - Creative Director
Judith Peters - VP Marketing & Products
Anouk Janssen / Madeleine Engström - Project Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Lead Designer, Motion Graphic Design
Camie Roos - Key-Art/Graphic Design
Ivo Deumens - Motion Graphic Design
Renderhell - 3D Artist
Rein Blank - 3D Artist
Eyeforce - Sound Design